Employee Spotlight Series

Beth Dunn, COTA

At Cheshire Fitness Zone (CFZ) our goal is to help children and adolescents of all ages feel confident in growing their abilities through therapeutic programs that strengthen and teach new skills for use in everyday life.

Services include: Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (ST).

Our monthly, “Employee Spotlight Series,” offers a chance to meet members of the team and learn about their experience working with children.

Beth has been with Cheshire Fitness Zone since 2012. In her spare time, Beth enjoys spending time with her family, working in her garden, and reading.

Find out how coming from a background as a paraprofessional in a school system with special needs kids helped her further her education and come to work at CFZ.

“A typical day at Cheshire Fitness Zone varies. Some of the days, I spend in a school doing treatment there and then coming to the clinic afterwards. Other days, I spend the day at the clinic working with children of all ages throughout the day.”

“I always knew I wanted to work with kids, my first job I was working as a paraprofessional in a school system with special needs kids and I just developed a love of working with them and I furthered myself in school and now I’m here at Cheshire Fitness Zone.”

“My favorite part of my job as an Occupational Therapist is everyday is a new adventure, everyday is a new achievement, a new goal. Working with our children, typical days aren’t always typical. My favorite part is adapting and working with the different needs of that day.”

“Three words that would describe myself would be creative, ambitious and a team player. I think I am very creative in trying to find different ways to engage children in activities. I am a team player, I like to work with other therapists, getting ideas from them, working with them in different co-treatments and I am ambitious, I like to be challenged, I like to see what the next adventure brings and I like to work towards those goals.”

“Looking forward in the next ten years, I hope to have some more background on different areas pertaining to occupational therapy. I am looking forward to taking some classes in oral and feeding. I am also looking forward to getting some classes in visual and motor skills so I hope that in the next 10 years, I will have further educated myself as an occupational therapist.”

Stay tuned for more Employee Spotlight features to get to know the staff at driving the results at Cheshire Fitness Zone.

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