Employee Spotlight Series

Jeremy DeAngulo, COTA

At Cheshire Fitness Zone (CFZ) our goal is to help children and adolescents of all ages feel confident in growing their abilities through therapeutic programs that strengthen and teach new skills for use in everyday life.

Services include: Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (ST).

Our monthly, “Employee Spotlight Series,” offers a chance to meet members of the team and learn about their experience working with children.

Jeremy DeAngulo - COTA

Jeremy attended Goodwin College and has been practicing as long as he has been with Cheshire Fitness Zone, starting in 2014. He specializes in working with adolescent kids to increase independence with age-appropriate self-help skills.

Find our why Jeremy enjoys working with kids to increase strength, coordination and emotional confidence in themselves forming a strong foundation for success!

“A typical day is seeing all the kids come in and just grow and gain different skills and seeing their development and gain all of the resources that we can provide them and their families to flourish with all of the skills that we can teach them.”

“Coming here and interviewing with Craig and Cheshire Fitness Zone. He showed me that there were a lot of things I could do with the skill sets I had that could help a lot of kids and be able to feed off my energy and take all of the things I learned being in the work field, being around athletics and different types of exercises that I could help kids and really bond with older kids and show them some of the passions that it is to have just a friend.”

“My favorite part about my job is to be able to truly tell that I am making a difference and helping kids and feel passionate about what I do. Knowing that I am making a difference, even if it is just one kid’s life. To be able to be confident that I am helping them and forever be part of their life.”

“The three words to describe me that I feel make me a great therapist are understanding, understanding what families are going through, what is ahead for some of the older kids with what is in society and the tools they are going to need. I’m flexible, working with kids, flexibility is a big thing and being able to go with the flow and know that kids come in with different types of things going on at home or different things that happen at school and being able to be flexible and adjust what you are going to do to what they are having, both emotional and physically and the last thing I am, I feel is I’m very outspoken.”

“I hope in the next 10 years to achieve the ability to absorb all of the different types of kids and be able to develop myself into a better father and be able to help my son and give him all the skills that I try to teach every child here and give him every opportunity to be successful in life.”

Stay tuned for more Employee Spotlight features to get to know the staff at driving the results at Cheshire Fitness Zone.

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