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Kristen Kolwicz, PT

At Cheshire Fitness Zone (CFZ) our goal is to help children and adolescents of all ages feel confident in growing their abilities through therapeutic programs that strengthen and teach new skills for use in everyday life.

Services include: Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (ST).

Our monthly, “Employee Spotlight Series,” offers a chance to meet members of the team and learn about their experience working with children.

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For this month’s this spotlight, we spoke to Kristen Kolwicz, a Quinnipiac University graduate who started out as an aide before joining Cheshire Fitness Zone as a PT.

Kristen has been a member of the team for the last twelve years and shares her passion for sports and working with children in our exchange pasted below.

“Every day is different here at CFZ.  Caseloads and workloads vary from one day to the next, so the adventures are always changing. At the end of the day, the reward is still the same: Knowing that I was able to make a difference in the lives of children and their families.”

“I have always enjoyed working with children and also had a special interest in sports.  So when I chose to go into PT, I envisioned myself working with athletes recovering from injuries.  I was unaware of the endless possibilities that the profession had to offer until I met Craig, the owner of CFZ. His influence helped me to join my two greatest interests and I knew from that point on, this was the place for me.”

“I would say the most fulfilling part of my job is seeing the joy in my patients and their families when they finally reach “that milestone” that they’ve been working so hard to achieve.  For some, these milestones come within days or weeks, but for others it could be months or years.  No matter the time it takes, just knowing that I was a part of getting them there is worth all of the sweat and tears.”

“I truly want to see CFZ continue to grow and help out in our community in any way possible.  I have been blessed to be a part of this family from nearly the beginning and to see where we are today is amazing.  My professional role has evolved over those years, and however I fit into the equation to enable the continued success of the company is where I want to be.”

“I have a hard time with this question because perception is so subjective.  I think the best way to encompass all perspectives would be to say I’m passionate, outspoken and kind. I tend to be a very emotional person and I often use that emotion to drive my ambition to achieve goals and to stand up for what I believe in.”

Stay tuned for more Employee Spotlight features to get to know the staff at driving the results at Cheshire Fitness Zone.

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